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Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I don't even have words for this book. It's filled with some of the best awkward swoons ever and the MCs are delightfully awkward as well. It's heartbreaking and uplifting and made me angry and want to scream and want to jump in the book and hand out hugs. And seriously? That ending? Too abrupt. I would have liked an epilogue. Or another chapter. Or 5 other chapters. And I was SO irritated by the ending, I thought about not putting it on the 6 star shelf, or even rating it lower. But.... everything else was phenomenal. And if it made my unfeeling heart lurch, it deserves all of the stars. But it's not even about where they end up [this coming from someone who reads the ending first to see if it's the outcome I want], but their journey through life. And I know that sounds so so so clich├ęd -- it is. But it doesn't make it less true.I want to quote all of my favorite parts and carry them around with me. Or better yet, write them on a cover of a book like they were song lyrics.