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All of You - Christina  Lee I'll give Bennett 5 stars and Avery 2 stars, so I guess I'll rate the book a 3. I loved Bennett. He's honest and loyal and swoony as hell, he's exactly what a girl looks for. Avery has issues [of course she does, it's NA]. She's gruff and has a bit of an attitude problem, but we see her open up and relax a bit as the story progresses. The problem that I had [besides the gratuitous use of the words "tat" and "inked"] is that I didn't care enough about Avery to get invested in her turn around. I only wanted to see what Bennett's choices were in response to the things Avery did. The story was predictable, but enjoyable enough that I finished it. Thanks to Bennett. **Thanks to NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review**