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Want - Stephanie Lawton I really wanted to like this story, but I just couldn't. Juli can be likable at times, but mostly she acts like a 5 year old who doesn't get her way. She tries to seduce her 28 year old piano teacher [and eventually succeeds], but then all of a sudden realizes she's in love with his best friend? All this build up with damaged Isaac and his disturbing past only to find out he's a total asshole and coward. Poor Dave is set up as a gay character [Juli even asks!]. He seems to be completely content standing by watching Isaac treat Juli [the girl he's been in love with since the first moment he saw her] like total shit. And his "excuse" is that he was waiting for her to be 18.Don't forget there's a severely depressed mama who constantly beats the shit out of Juli and the entire family has an idea, but no one does anything about it. I find it hard to believe that as gossipy as the author tries to make the supporting families, NO ONE knew what was going on? Oh, but they knew all about Juli sneaking out at night. Right. Totally believable. I'm actually going to see if I can return this book.