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The Last Echo - Kimberly Derting 3.5 stars? I'm sort of torn on this rating. This is the longest review I think I've left so far and there's a chance some might view it as having spoilers. Overall, I really love this series. The characters are strong, the premise is different than what I've read before and there is a good balance of swoon and action. For this book specifically, I was disappointed that the focus was all about the team and Rafe especially. Violet's moments with Jay are few and far between and I can only remember 2 scenes Violet had with her girlfriends. Understandably, it is the logical progression of the series, but why create and introduce us to such a fantastic set of supporting characters only to give us a new set that doesn't quite measure up?I'm also not a fan of introducing a possible triangle when the couple is already established. Violet was fine when she was with Jay, but as soon as she was with Rafe, she started wondering... There isn't any set up for cheating, but all of a sudden, Violet feels a connection with Rafe because of their gifts and some physical crackle they feel when they touch. It seemed like she was constantly choosing Rafe over Jay. Maybe I'm just irritated because Violet and Jay compliment each other so well [and I really really ADORE Jay]. Either way, by the middle of the book, I was sick of reading about Rafe altogether and just tried to power through it to finish. There were some good parts. This killer is super creepy and I enjoyed how that played out. I did think this was the last book in the series, so I was a bit surprised at the ending. What I've always enjoyed is that while the books are a series, each is good as a stand alone of sorts. Be warned: there is a slight cliffhanger at the end of TLE. All in all, I did enjoy it. And I will be reading any future books.